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Why In-App Purchase is The Perfect Revenue Model for Mobile Games

Mobile games are dominating the gaming world. Since everyone owns a smartphone, which can easily emulate a high-end gaming console, the demand for addictive mobile games have significantly increased. Studies suggest that, mobile gaming is projected to reach a benchmark of $2.4 Billion by 2020. It means that if you have a solid gaming idea in your mind, this is the right time to act upon it and provide your customers with a mobile game, which offer exceptional gaming experience.


Of course, you can hire a game development company to handle the entire development process. However, one thing that you must decide with full cautious is the revenue model which you want to integrate in your app. Each game has a different set of audience, and therefore, it is imperative to pick a revenue model, which best suits your mobile game.


When it comes to earning revenue from mobile games, however, most of the game publishers pick in-app purchases over other revenue models. In-app purchasing means, you can sell items within the game for specific amount. These items can include anything, be it weapons, powers, armour, etc. The sole purpose of these items is to help players get out of a certain level and get the best powers.


However, the real question is what makes in-app purchase the perfect revenue model for mobile games. If you’re familiar with the current gaming scenario, you must know the fierce competition publishers have to face. Any newly published game is likely to have too many competitors in the market. So, to establish a brand name and attract the players, you need to provide them a free game at first.


Once the player has got engaged to the game, it becomes quite easier to convince him to buy gaming items to proceed further in the game. Even though you can integrate other revenue models, they’re bad for the user-experience. Take, advertisement, for example. Even though ads can generate a decent revenue, they damage the user-experience and can irritate the user as well. Similarly, if you have launched a new game, users are less likely to pay for it, and therefore, paid-game is completely out of the picture.

According to a team of mobile game developers, the only revenue model that seems right is in-app purchase, and can help the publisher to turn his mobile game into a revenue generating stream.