Why Unity is Perfect for Android Game Development?

The gaming industry has a plethora of gaming engines, which can be used to develop mobile games, both 2D &3D. However, when it comes to Android gaming, nothing beats the functionalities and features of Unity 3D. It is one of the widely used gaming engines for building Android games, which are rich in graphics and have appealing gameplay too. Even though many people don’t prefer Unity for mobile gaming, recent studies have shown that it can be as reliable as engines like CryEngine and Unreal.


So, the real question is what makes Unity the perfect tool for developing Android games. In this blog post, we have shared our opinions on the benefits of Unity 3D and how it eases out the entire development process.


Note: The truth is you can’t develop an entire game on your own, even if you have a tool like Unity by your side. Game development involves a wide range of critical tasks such as object masking, graphics rendering, shadow creation, etc, which are nothing but time-consuming and highly difficult for a non-technical person. So, a wise approach would be to hire an experienced mobile game development firm India and let the professionals handle the entire development process.


Here are the benefits of using Unity 3D for developing Android games.


3D Rendering


While making a 3D model for a mobile game, the biggest challenge for the developers is to code the entire thing from scratch. Apart from being extremely critical, it is time-consuming as well. However, that’s not the case with Unity 3D at all.


Of course, the developers will have to code new gaming items from scratch but there are several pre-coded models as well. For instance, if the developers have to create a tree shadow, it’s already pre-coded in the engine. All they have to do is tweak it a little to bit to match it with the game’s theme. It saves the developer’s time, and thereby your money.


Large Developer Community


Unity has a significantly large developers community. It means that you can easily find a reliable and experienced team of mobile game developers who use Unity to develop games. Furthermore, these developers always stay up to date with the latest trends happening in the mobile gaming industry and therefore can integrate the best feature to increase the engagement factor of your mobile game.


These are two of the main reasons why Unity is the perfect gaming engine for Android games.