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Tremendous Potential of AR In Gaming Industry

Unlike VR (Virtual reality), AR (Augmented Reality) has no limit or boundary. It seems to have tremendous potential in the gaming industry as it somewhere or the other erases that boundary line between the real-world environment and the computer-generated multiple sensory modalities, auditory, including the visual, haptic, somatosensory, and olfactory real-world environment.


Game development using AR interweaves both real worlds with the computerized natural environment in such a way that both the constructive as well as destructive activities happen as real enough to make the person believe as if he or she is actually in that particular environment.  


In a way that it is developed alters the user's perception of a real-world environment completely replacing with a simulated one. Augmented reality is likely to be called as computer-mediated reality, as it brings together the components of the digital world as the real world. Though it is not as simple as a data but as natural parts of an environment.


Now that we are talking of AR systems, let me tell you that the first functional AR system that provided game immersive mixed reality experiences for users were invented in the early 1990s. It was developed at the U.S. Air Force's Armstrong laboratory in the year 1992.


Therefore, looking at the extreme potential that the AR system holds is way more than what VR does. Success line of use of AR features in games such as Pokemon go says it all.  Moreover, now there are many smartphones which have embedded features of handling AR games such as ingress, Jurassic world alive, etc.


A revolution in the gaming industry that has started with the use of an AR system is now also spreading their wings in other industries like knowledge sharing, educating, managing the information flood and organizing distant meetings.


There’s also a transformation coming soon in the world of the educational sector with the help of AR where the content supposed to be studied may be accessed by scanning or viewing an image with a mobile device bringing immersive, markerless AR experiences to the classrooms.

Getting back to the gaming industry, According to what the research says we are about to experience invincible games developments being done by developers soon in the near future. In case you have a winning game development idea you can get in touch with leading game development companies that can help you develop the game you imagined and dreamed of with the use of latest technologies such as VR &AR.